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Prosox elastic free socks

We are fully aware of four major problems that patients with diabetes suffer with:

  • Poor blood circulation in the extremities
  • Significantly reduced nervous activity with reduced feeling
  • Higher probability of developing blisters, ulcers and wounds due to friction
  • Extremely slow healing process

Prosox are not only a comfortable product, but are also constructed to give adequate solutions to the above problems.

Here are some technical features that give Prosox their unique health qualities:

  • Prosox have NO welt
  • The leg on the Prosox is form-knitted to keep it up without applying any pressure
  • The heel is an ‘extended heel’ with extra knitted courses for a better fit and to keep the sock in place
  • The leg and foot are connected with a unique ‘Hinge Pattern’ that prevents creases and folds
  • The Terry Sole provides the best cushioning and covers the toes for best protection
  • The toe linking is seamless