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Ageing Population

It comes as a shock to most people that Britain now has more over-65s than under-16s. In response to the rising median age of the British population, we at Thesis Technology now sell products to support the older population.

I’m sure most of you have heard of the baby boom generation born between the years of 1946-64, when an impressive 17 million births were recorded. As expected, there is now, and will be over the coming decades, an increase in retirement numbers. The serious effects of this retired generation on the society and economy of Britain are now seen as a challenge we have to face.

However, Britain isn’t the only country experiencing this phenomenon, as it can also be seen in Spain, Italy, Germany and Japan.

The two main factors responsible for Britain’s ageing population are rising longevity due to improvements in health and health care and an overall decrease in birth rates between 1964 and today.

We care about the wellbeing of the older generation, which is why we now offer the LimbO Walk-Ease Adjustable Walking Stick, which is available in three different stylish designs: a coral pattern, a glittery black and silver check or a dark wood effect. The product has a unique adjustment operation which only requires the pressing of a single button. For convenience, the stick is made of a strong, light-weight aluminium. The foot of the walking stick is made of rubber and can stick to the ground and stay in place for extra support when standing still. Additionally, the foot/ferrule of the stick has a 360o flexibility so that the stick stays in full contact with the ground for a longer time while you’re walking along for safety, ease and comfort. Also, unlike all walking sticks, the Walk-Ease stick is ideal for climbing and descending stairs, which may otherwise be difficult and potentially dangerous.

Another product we now offer at LimbO Products to support the elderly is the ‘Stick n Stay’ Mobility Handle. The 50cm long stick has a strong vacuum seal suction cap at either end which allows the handle to stick to tiled, enamel and fibreglass surfaces. All you need to do is flick the two leavers at either end down to secure the handle in place, which will cause the status indicator to turn green. You can trust that the handle will not budge once locked. To release the handle, simply flip the leavers up, which will in turn cause the indicator to return to red.

Thanks to the portable, convenient size of the handle, you can easily carry it from room to room and it is perfect for travelling and holidays. So you can relax and feel safe even when you are away from home.

Both the LimbO Walk-Ease Adjustable Walking Stick and the Stick n Stay Mobility Handle are available to purchase from the Thesis Shop at www.ebay.co.uk. For information on our other products, feel free to visit www.limboproducts.co.uk or email info@limboproducts.co.uk.

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