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LimbO Products can help you care for your feet

LimbO Products can help you care for your feet


At Thesis Technology, we recognise many of the complications that come with diabetes, such as the foot problems that diabetic patients can experience. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, which is why we offer a range of products to help.

A key range of products we offer for diabetics are Prosox. Prosox, hence the name, are socks which are specially designed to solve some of the major issues which affect the feet of sufferers of diabetes. The following are the features of Prosox which are responsible for the health benefits they provide:
- No welt
- The leg of the sock is form-knitted to hold it in place
- The leg and foot of the sock are connected by a unique ‘hinge’ pattern which prevents creasing and folding of the material
- The toe linking is seamless

Despite all these distinctive features, Prosox look like normal socks and can be worn every day. Yet they provide support for severe circulation problems, blisters, ulcers and wounds of the feet. Prosox will apply no extra pressure to sensitive feet while keeping them warm and comfortable.

To suit your taste and needs, Prosox are available in different materials and with a variety of soles. Both the cotton Prosox and the wool Prosox can be purchased with a standard sole or with a terry padded sole. The Terry padded sole is suitable for diabetes patients who require that extra bit of cushioning and toe protection, as you deserve to be comfy. We offer the cotton, standard sole Prosox in black or navy, and the cotton, terry padded sole socks in black and white. If you’re interested in the wool socks, you can choose from black or anthracite. Additionally, you could also grab yourself a pair of cotton Prosox with an anti-slip sole, if you want to relax in comfy socks at home without the worry of falling on slippery floors. As if there wasn’t already enough to choose from, Prosox come in both long and standard length.

At LimbO Products, we know that people with diabetes aren’t the only people who suffer from problems with their feet. For this reason, we also offer the PROTECT iT socks, which are appropriate for sufferers of diabetes, arthritis and sensitive feet. With these socks, your feet will be dry and snug. The PROTECT iT socks feature a smooth, wide-stretch top which applies minimal pressure and makes putting the socks on painful feet easy. Also for your wellbeing, the wrinkle-free material helps to prevent pressure wounds and formation of ulcers. You can also rely on these socks to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odour, so that you no longer have to allow these things to worry you on a daily basis.

The PROTECT iT socks are available in the Everyday Comfort style, which promotes a thick ankle padding and a ribbed leg and is suitable for active people wearing comfort or dress shoes, and the Comfort Dress style, suitable for wearing with dress shoes. You can also choose between black, beige, dark grey and navy, so they’re perfect for anybody on any occasion!

On top of our wide range of socks, we want to help prevent the causes of foot problems in diabetics in the first place. You can leave this to the Hyperion D diabetic footwear infection control spray and worrying about foot infections will become a thing of the past. The Hyperion D will kill 99.99% of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses which are often the source of foot infections. Another bonus is that the spray acts as a shoe deodorant. Plus the spray couldn’t be easier to use, as you can simply spray the inside of your shoe and the insole and then leave them to air-dry before wearing your shoes as normal, apart from this time you won’t have the worry!

All of these diabetic products are available at the Thesis Shop on www.ebay.co.uk. There’s no need to let foot problems get in your way anymore! Likewise, if you want to take a look at our other products, please visit www.limboproducts.co.uk or for more information feel free to contact info@limboproducts.co.uk.


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