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Travel freely with an insulin cooling wallet


With all the other complications that come with diabetes, you don’t need the hassle of storing insulin added to this list. At Thesis Technology Products, we want you to be able to go out and enjoy the sunshine without the inconvenience of a hefty ice pack or a flask!

Like most medicines, insulin needs to be kept within a particular temperature range in order for it to continue working correctly. The reason for this is that insulin is a protein. We won’t go into too much detail on the science behind it, but a basic understanding will make you aware of the importance of storing your insulin within the correct temperature range.

Essentially, in-use insulin needs to be stored within the safe temperatures of 18-26°C. If the temperature of the insulin becomes too high, the structure of the protein will unfold and the insulin within the vial will gradually denature. As the insulin denatures, its ability to perform its role in the body will decrease and it will eventually become useless.

Of course you don’t want to be running back and forth getting new vials just because you decided to enjoy a nice day out in the sun and other methods of keeping your insulin cool such as ice packs are unreliable and problematic. To solve this issue, FRÍO® have created the insulin travel wallet, which we now sell at Thesis Technology. The job of the wallet is to keep insulin cool and safe for a minimum of 45 hours, even in hot climates, meaning you can still have a great time this summer. For convenience, the wallet can be reactivated for subsequent 45 hour periods if continuous storage is needed. Please note that in-use insulin can be kept for a maximum of 28 days, however the wallet itself is reusable. Insulin which you are not currently using should be stored in the refrigerator, but not near the freezer compartment. However, different types of insulin can vary in their storage requirements, so always make sure to check the instructions provided.

The design of the convenient FRÍO® wallet is an outer Cambrelle® cover and on the inside is polycotton with panels containing crystals. Activation and use of the wallet is simple. Firstly, you need to immerse the inner wallet in cold water and leave it to soak. The Duo pen wallet which we sell at Thesis Technology requires an immersion time of 5-8 minutes, however the other sizes require different times (see www.friouk.com for more details). Whilst the wallet is soaking, you should move it around gently to allow the crystals to spread evenly and they will transform into the cooling gel. Do not allow the gel to expand to the point where the wallet becomes rigid. Following this, you should allow the wallet to drip-dry for 15-30 minutes and then pat it dry using a paper towel. When the wallet is semi-dry to the touch, you can place your insulin or other medication into the inner wallet and slide this into the outer cover. The wallet can be placed in your bag or in your pocket. You’re now ready to go!

When you’re finished using your cooling wallet, just remove the inner wallet from the outer case and allow to dry naturally, giving the inner wallet an occasional shake, and the gel will return to crystal form.

So say goodbye to all the inconvenient methods of storing your insulin you’ve attempted that have made days out stressful, and just go and have a good time!


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